Press Freedom Cartoon Exhibition 2021 a solidarity action for journalist Nurhadi

21 Apr 2021 13:11 pm | Oleh : Naharin Ni'matun


Violence, intimidation and repressive actions by the 
authorities against journalists are a serious threat to press 
freedom in Indonesia. Although the work of journalists has been 
protected by the Press Law, cases of violence against 
journalists in the field continue to occur.

Most recently, a Tempo journalist in Surabaya, Nurhadi, was a 
victim of violence by law enforcers. He was tortured while 
carrying out coverage at the Samudra Bumimoro Building on 
Saturday (27/3/2021).

The Press Legal Aid Institute (LBH) and the Alliance of 
Independent Journalists (AJI) Indonesia noted that cases of 
violence against journalists in 2020 were the highest in the 
past 10 years. The case has increased significantly compared to 
the previous year.

In 2020 there were 117 cases of violence against journalists 
and media, an increase of 32 percent compared to 2019 (79 
cases). Of the 117 cases, 99 cases occurred to journalists, 12 
cases were to the student press, and 6 cases to the media, 
especially cyber media.

Meanwhile, AJI Indonesia noted that in 2020 there were 84 cases 
of violence against journalists or an increase of 31 cases 
compared to 2019 (53 cases). Meanwhile, the perpetrators of 
violence were mostly security forces.

For that we need joint efforts to build awareness of press 
freedom and protection of journalists. This is because 
journalists, as the fourth pillar of democracy, work for the 
public. Thus, it becomes a collective work to protect 
journalists so that the public's rights are not taken away.

One of the efforts is through a campaign involving various 
parties. AJI Semarang cooperates with Gold Pencil Indonesia to 
hold a press freedom and non-violence campaign against 
journalists through the cartoon exhibition "Let Journalist be 

Exhibition at the same time to enliven the World Press Freedom 
Day (WPFD) 2021.

theme:  "Let Journalist be Journalist" 
1. Stop violence against journalists
2. Journalists work for the public
3. Digital attacks: doxing, DdoS etc.
4. Pressure to revise the ITE Law in Indonesia


Each cartoonist can send maximum of 5 pieces.

The artwork may have been published or a new work

It is required to send us your name, surname, postal address, 
email address, phone number, resume and social media account.

The size of the works 300 dpi, A4/A3 jpg format.

Upload your work to social media with hashtags 
#KamiBersamaJurnalisHadi #JurnalisBukanKriminal
#MenujuWPFD2021 by mentioning account @aji_semarang 
@ajiindonesia , @DivHumas_Polri, @jokowi,

All works that enter the committee will be published on social 
media and online galleries on the website 
and journalist network websites in Indonesia.

1. The three best works will receive appreciation from the 
2. All participants will receive an e-certificate and e-catalog

DEADLINE: April 30, 2021

For More Information, Contact US:
twitter: @ajikotasmg