Reportage from The Land of Papua: Conflict, Inequality and Hope

This Book Is a Compilation of Journalistic Works from 15 Participants of Fellowship on The Coverage Of Security And Human Rights Issues In Papua, title “Reportage from The Land of Papua; Conflict, Inequality and Hope”.

Some of these reports about the impact of armed conflict, but journalists try to complete it with the root of the problem and try to voice the fate of the victims, especially women and children. Others tell about conflicts over natural resources, as well as "development" mistakes that have led to widening inequality. At the end, journalists also practice solutive journalism, with writings that try to find the best solution for Papua.

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Adi Briantika
Alfonsa Jumkon Wayap
Atamus Kepno
Dwi Bobby Kurniawan
Dwi Reinjani
Elfira Halifa
Hengky Yeimo
Imelda Vinolia
Jekson Simanjuntak
Kristina N. Rejang
Mukhamad Qistiyanto
Neno Karlina Paputungan
Reiner S Brabar
Reno Surya
Theresia F.Tekege

Ahmad Arif