DIED BY THE NEWS: The Story of the Death of Nine Indonesian Journalists

The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) noted that there were nine cases of journalist deaths, most of which were categorized as dark numbers. Respectively: Fuad Muhammad Syafruddin alias Udin (1996), Naimullah (1997), Agus Mulyawan (1999), M. Jamal (2003), Ersa Siregar (2003), Herliyanto (2006), Ardiansyah Matrais Wibisono (2010), Anak Agung Prabangsa (2009) and Alfrets Mirulewan (2010). Only one murder case has the perpetrator prosecuted.

Therefore, AJI Indonesia considers it necessary to re-research the position of eight of the nine cases which were categorized as dark number cases. The results of the research from a number of researchers were then poured into a book titled "Died by the News: The Story of the Death of Nine Indonesian Journalists".

This book wasn't just to document the deaths of journalists in the past. But also a reminder to all of us that impunity for perpetrators of crimes against journalists was still the biggest challenge in this country.



Shinta Maharani; Dian Lestari; Juli Amin; Eben Haezer; Rudy Riwukaho; Muhammad Abdul Syah; Insany Syahbarwaty; Abdul Manan



Abdul Manan