Information Transparency for Just Energy Transition Partnership

Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) is a new funding model in the international partnership framework to assist fossil energy transition to clean energy in developing countries. Indonesia is one of committed countries with the funding value of US$ 20 billion. This fund can be a transition energy catalyst and also encourage social economic transformation with lower greenhouse gas emission in implementing just principles. However, the mechanism of the new funding model remains unclear. Some clarities are needed on the amount of grant, the portion of debt and which activity can be funded. The process needs to be transparence and involve people who suffers direct impact, or it will create new sources of problems.


This document is potion paper issued by Alliance of Independent Journalist for mass media in Indonesia to have better understanding on urgency, opportunity and potential issue in JETP. Therefore the media can run its function to oversee the energy transition process to be more accountable, transparent and participative and just.


Ahmad Arif
Retno Sulistyowati

Deon Arinaldo

Content and Cover Design
Krisna Sahwono

July 2023