Research Report Assessing the Application of Data Journalism and Data-Based Investigation in Indonesia

The application of data journalism in Indonesia has received a fairly positive response among the media and journalists. Data journalism allows journalists to construct stories through attractive visualizations such as graphics and maps and provide audiences with a personalized story approach. This study aimed to assess the application of data journalism and data-based investigations in Indonesia, then used the results to map the opportunities and challenges in its application.
The results of this study indicated that there were not many mass media in Indonesia that put forward data journalism as an approach in publishing their reports. The research recommends that the opportunities for developing data journalism in Indonesia are wide open because the media industry requires quality content. Collaboration between the media and universities is the solution that can be done to overcome limited resources for the application of data-based journalism in media.


Team of Writers:

Eva Danayanti

Bayu Wardhana

Adi Marsiela

Febrina Galuh